Computerize Your Assets  v.2.10

All-In-One Home Inventory and Asset Management software. CYA saves time and frustration keeping track of your personal assets. Prove the existence and value of stolen or destroyed assets to your insurance company when needed. Expect the Unexpected.

Reliable Assets

With Reliable Assets System you get a complete and accurate picture of your IT infrastructure. You can automatically track hardware configurations, software installations, software licenses, and a wealth of other asset data efficiently and effectively.


TBS Easy Fixed Assets  v.6 2

TBS Easy Fixed Assets will keep track of fixed assets, by location or asset no., calculate monthly depreciation amounts, prints reports.

IntelliTrack Fixed Assets

IntelliTrack Fixed Assets Software - flexible and affordable barcode-based tracking IntelliTrack Fixed Assets tracking software provides an efficient, cost-effective method to track and calculate the depreciation of fixed asset inventories of capital

Prizm Fixed Assets  v.1.0

Prizm Fixed Assets is a software based on Microsoft® Excel. It offers you the possibility to receive comprehensive reports, electronic storage of all reports. It gives you monthly, weekly and fortnightly payments.

File Assets  v.1.0

File Assets is an Adobe AIR application, a useful software for managing your files.

Compiere Fixed Assets  v.6

Compiere Fixed Assets System is a seamless extension of the Compiere Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relations Management (CRM).

SureIT network assets management  v.1.1

This software provides administrators with everything from a complete network hardware and program inventory to monitoring user activity and blocking workstations from accessing certain components of the system.

Autodiscovery for IT Assets  v.1.4.2..05

No-agent discovery & inventory.

Concerto Digital Assets Management Tool  v.2.5.6

A PHP/Harmoni digital asset management tool, Concerto allows the cataloguing of multimedia in DublinCore, VRA, and user-defined schemes.

Or-Fin - Organize Your Finances

Or-Fin enables you to quickly plan your personal financial and provision situation, supplies an overview of all financial matters, displays important information about assets/credits/insurance policies/wills and other contracts, can be kept up-to-date

InTrek Premium

Built on the frame of InTrek Lite, Premium extends asset management by utilizing barcode technology, to provide a simple and inexpensive way to track the quantity, description, location and history of assets; as well as its supporting

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